SRL companies are registered through the local Trade Register Office and will require a series of documents from the shareholders and administrators (Directors) such as: Articles  of  Association  (required  to  contain  certain information), Affidavits and Specimen Signatures. In case the shareholders are foreign companies then the Romanian Trade Register will also require their registration documents for proof of their existence.


1. Registration of a Limited Liability Company in Romania:

This type of company is able to have from 1 to 50 shareholders, a minimum share capital of 200 ron and no limitations regarding foreign shareholding structure or management. Shareholders can be physical persons or legal entities. The owner is a physical person /or is a legal person/ both of them, pleasespecify this fact.

2. Denomination – we must reserve the company name – and you must tell us three possible variants for the name of the company;

3. Object of activity

4. Identity card / Passport of partners /shareholders, administrators/ foreign direct investment or the Owner of the company;

5. The participation of each shareholder

6. Specimen Signature – this document must be signed by the future Directors of the company (who will be the administrator/manager of the company? );

 7. The Company address and the documents that proved who is the owner of the property.

If you don’t have an address we can provide you the address, but this will be an additional cost for the company (it’s about 200 euro/year). Provide a company office for registration purposes only.


Costs depend on a series of factors such as number and type of shareholders. In any case the minimum share capital is around 47 Euros;

Our Fee + Trade Register taxes – the costs is growing a little if we have companies as shareholders  +  the address (if you decide to establish it with us)

You should also consider costs for translating the incorporation documents (depending on the number and types of shareholders). Also, we can help with this if you decide it.

Time REGISTRATION (from the moment we have all necessary documents) takes about: 5 days.

NECESSARY DOCUMENTS if one of the shareholders is a legal person. The documents request will be accompanied by:

a) an attestation, in original, issued by the Chamber of Commerce or another competent authority from the country where the company or the foreign economical company has it’s headquarters, attesting it’s legal existence , activity object and it’s share capital; (it s possible to need the apostille also but that’s depends on the country) and this will be translated by a sworn translator whose signature must be notarized by a public notary; we say here “certificat constatator /extras din registru comertului”;

b) a confirmation of the trustworthiness from the bank whereby the company or the organization carries out it’s main financial operations (certificat de bonitate);

c) Associates’ General Assembly/ THE OWNER decision setting up the ‘new company’ which has to includes the name of the new company, headquarter, the activity object, the IDs of the persons empowered to represent the ‘COMPANY’ and the conferred mandate’s limits-denotes a legal representative who sign the documents in the name of the company, in original – you can do it bilingual in your language and Romanian also or just in your language if is too complicated for you but in this case the document must be translated by an authorized translator whose signature must be notarized by a public notary;

d) the authenticated declaration concerning the fact that the company is not fiscal resident in Romania/ don’t have debts on Romanian country.

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