Necessary documents and estimated budget for the setting up of PFA (Authorized Physical Person)

 For The National Trade Register Office

– a copy of the identity card;

– a copy of the title deed for the headquarter;

– the agreement of the neighbors – in case the headquarter should be located in a block of flats where an association of owners is constituted;

– the agreement of the bank, if the case may be ;


-we may give you the location of your headquarter against payment (200 euro/ year);

– bare contract/renting contract (if the case may be) – it is elaborated by us;

– copies of diplomas and other professional (copy of the last graduation degree/copy of the last diploma) / Documents that certify your professional background ;
– sample signature legalized by a notary public;

– copy of the marriage certificate if the person changed her name and marital status (if the case may be);

It is set up PFA with the following activity:

The Main Activity : Real Estate Agency

This category includes real estate transactions concluded by the real estate agencies:

– intermediary services for buying, selling or renting the properties based on a fee (tax) or contract

– consultancy activities and assessment services as concerns buying, selling or renting of real estate goods based on a tax/fee or contract;

– activities of agents who conclude written agreement in the view of concluding a real estate transaction.

Total costs and fees regarding the setting up of a PFA ( the fee related to the elaboration, documents editing + representation at The National Trade Register Office+ taxes and fees charged by the Register Office): 700 Ron.

For any information or questions we put you at your disposal.